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Thread: 2010 RSV4 R Service Reset

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    Cool 2010 RSV4 R Service Reset

    Anybody know how to reset the service light on a 2010 RSV4r? I was messing around in the diagnostics menu (using 12412 service code) and went into the update menu... without being able to exit the "connect diagnostics tool" prompt, I simply turned the key to off. Next time I turned the key on SERVICE was displayed along with the master warning light.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated...

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    have ya got the original manual? it must be in there matey

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    Ya looked it up in the manual, but for some reason the menu selection they describe is slightly different then mine (maybe a different software version I need to update).

    Either way, it looks like to clear any ECU fault codes you need the Axone Diagnostics tool to get into it... which AF1 sells for a whopping $3700. Looks like its to the dealership I go!

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    Hi Dodtt here when you get in to diagnostics menu check dash board errors first then delete errors to clear service go in to reset coupon reset yes should clear might have to try couple times.

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    Hi there,
    I did the same mistake and the SERVICE code was on. I went into the diagnostics menu and cleared all codes and turned off the key. After a few minutes the SERVICE was gone.
    Go for it!

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    Hi Guys, I did the same and I cleared all dashboard codes and service coupons but the SERVICE and service light still remain. Do I need to go to the dealer?

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