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Thread: aprc problem

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    Exclamation aprc problem

    Greetings to everyone from sunny greece.

    I am a happy owner of an rsv4 aprc factory. I have it as a track/race bike.
    Currently it has 3500km on track.

    I am experiencing the following problem. From one day to the next, the aprc started going off for no particular reason.

    To explain further, It starts normally as I hit the track. The first time the aprc needs to engage, it goes off and stays off. I get a (-) on the dashboard and an alert that electronics are off. When I turn the bike switch off and on again, everything is back to normal. This happens in all TC levels and in all map programs.

    Now, here is where it all becomes even more wierd. When I road-test it, it works fine!!! Slippery roads, all gears, all levels, all programs, it works perfect. The malfunction only comes at the track.

    At aprilia service, they connected it to the pc and saw a malfunction of the rear sensor.
    Two possible causes. Dirt on the sensor-head, or the sensor itself does not work. It was clean, but just in case, we changed the sensor with a brand new one. Still the same problem. Plus it cannot be working on the road and not work at the track!

    Just to note, I calibrate it by the book so that cant be the problem.

    Also from the first tire change I switched to dunlop 211 GP on a 190/55/17 rear. But still, it has worked fine until now!

    Please, if you have any ideas on what can be the problem I will be grateful.

    Other than that, the bike is magical! (when it is working correctly)

    Thank you in advance, Leonidas.

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    Not a clue, but would be a willing test pilot on it for you, cheap holiday and wizz round the track on you bike!! hope it gets sorted mate

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    I managed to put a very slight bend in the sensor rotor on the back wheel during a wheel change and had a problem a bit like yours. I removed the disc and checked and then repaired it on a flat surface and bingo no problem since. Worth a look.



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    are we being spammed by zhuzhuanyuan!!!!!
    sorry but what is APRC ?

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