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Thread: RSV4 water pump

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    Unhappy RSV4 water pump

    Hello to all

    I've been on here a while but still yet to post something & now got a whopper 4 ya.
    Currently i ride a 10 RSV4 & as far as im concerned this bike is the dogs bollocks.
    I've had 3 rsvr's in the past & never really had any major issues with any of them..... Until i got the RSV4!!

    The bike currently has 5300 mile & bought it last year in Oct with 400 on the clock.
    Fitted is Akrapovic Titanium system, Power commander 5 & secondary fuel module, shortie levers, screen & crash musrooms etc etc the normal stuff. I've had the bike into the dealers X 2 for an oil leak which was fixed under warranty no issues there.. but after just getting the bike back now i have a coolant leak from the water pump & looks like its coming from the weep hole in the casing for the shaft of the pump its self. I pulled the pump & the o'ring looks ok. Contacted a dealer over this issue to get this sorted arghhhhhhhhhhh.... Just wanted to know if any one else out there has come across this problem?
    I've taken a video of the leak & would upload to here if i knew how to lol lol as me & computers dont get on to well!!!!! ( hence the reason i haven't uploaded a pic for my profile!!!)
    Any input on this problem would be great..

    Keeper her between the hedges & not in them :P

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    shit news matey,im keeping my fingers crossed about mine.
    good luck getting it sorted.

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    up load vid & pics?

    Any one help me id like to upload a video of the water leak & also a pic of the bike for my profile but not very computer friendly !!!!

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