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Thread: lightweight new stylee battery on your v4?

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    lightweight new stylee battery on your v4?

    Hi peeps
    has anyone here fitted one of those (lithium?) lightweight batteries I see advertsed?
    you know the ones with half the weight and.....3 times the price of standard
    If so did it make a difference to starting or anything worhtwhile?

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    Shorai in my 990

    I replaced the OE battery on my '07 KTM 990 Adventure with the Shorai battery. Initial turnover is a bit quicker, and it seems much less effected by cold temps (sub-40F). And the thing weighs next to nothing.

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    cheerz 4 that matey

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    i have one in my DRZ400... and they are ridiculously small and light... it seriously will surprise you when you first lay eyes on a physical unit.

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    I have a shorai on my V4. 700grams weight. Bike now starts on first crank, lights seems to be brighter too.

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    Fitted one to my RSV Mille R, seems very good and light. Have one also for the RSV4 but not fitted yet. Only thing is that you can't run a trickle charger on them as they like to be fast charged, which means you need to purchase a special battery charger for them (other than your bike) and if your battery goes flat it will make enough charge to start your bike in 20 minutes. Having them on my race bikes I just disconnect the negative battery lead after use as Aprilia's always seem to flatten batteries when sitting for long periods.
    The other bonus other than being small and light is that if left sitting without anything drawing current from them they naturally don't go flat.
    I went for the Ultrabatt as they have great protection in them to stop the from bricking and I believe are used in Moto GP and F1 cars.
    CK, it does make my V-Twin start easier

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