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Thread: Where best to sell a 2011 RSV4R in white

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    Where best to sell a 2011 RSV4R in white

    As the title says I will be selling my 2011 reg RSV4R (in white and non APRC version) early next year. It is a UK bike and is totally std and mint with only 450 miles on it (had the first service done).
    Where do people think it will sell best :

    Note only selling as love the bike and upgrading to an APRC version !!

    cheers david

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    I'd get a trade In price first if you're going to buy off a dealer.

    As for your question - I've sold bikes on all 3 (and others too) with varying levels of success but have found that you don't get the infuriating sales calls if you go on ebay or in MCN.

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