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Thread: High miles/issues?

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    High miles/issues?

    Hi everyone, I'm new to this site and considering buying a RSV4 factory, possibly a new old stock or if I wait a while a new APRC. The bike will only be used for the roads as I have a track bike, it will be used extensively, my K71000 has 23k on it and that's without the other bikes I have and use. Two of my mates have the BMWS1000RR and have done over 15k and have had serious engine and electronic issues, one has even had a full system free of charge due to the issues so that rules the BMW out. Has anyone done any real miles on these bikes and have they had any issues? I'm a genuine guy and not a millionaire so would welcome any advice, I've had the usual bikes and recently had a Ducati Hypermotard which was high miles when I got it (216 lol) and I just kept breaking down, the first time was after 7 miles so I simply don't want to go back there. I'm hoping for some "real" replies as with the Ducati forum I joined they would argue that red ones are faster than yellow ones! I've read about minor oil leaks, has anyone had these and are they really an issue and if I consider buying second hand what should I look out for?

    Thanks for your time, Cei, (Swansea, Wales)

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    Bora da boyo I ride a Falco myself and my comments are based on that so may not be any use with regard to the models you are looking at. I can however at least add that I have been more than impressed with the overall build quality of my bike. I think the main things with any of these is to more or less follow the service schedule and listen to the advice on here.
    I am mainly on more Falco based forums but one thing has struck me about all the Aprilia forums and that is the general level of friendliness and help you can find.
    Oh and yellow ones are meant to be ugly and with Falco bikes at least the earlier solid paint schemes are touted as faster but it's all banter. Actually I think they had slightly bigger ram air ducts which is what started it
    Anyhow to answer your question as best as I can would I buy an Aprilia over other bikes based on build ... Yes most definitely yes

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    I would advise you go onto AF1 forum and look at the v4 section.

    Rsv4 for high miles, i would think long and hard based on the reports on there. If you do get the APRC which has a significantly stronger motor.

    On here there isn't a large enough ownership to get a general over view. Bear in mind that the Rsv, Falco, Tuono that flatlander mentions were not using an Aprilia engine, it is Rotax designed and built. The V4 is in house to piaggio and like all new incarnations of bikes no matter who makes them, they have issues.

    My second Rsv lunched it electrics and sprayed battery acid over me and the bike with 70 miles on the clock so it happens on any make
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    No issues here over 6.5k hard miles inc two euro thrashes.
    My mates bmw lunched its crank too!

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    I'd be very careful leaving an RSV4 parked for any length of time in Abertawe lol !!!!!


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    Hi buddy, where you from, hope you haven't had a bike pinched, have you got a RSV4? I'm struggling to decide what bike to buy.

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