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Thread: Hello everyone i have some questions :)

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    Hello everyone i have some questions :)

    Hello there

    First post on here, I'm looking to buy an rsvr 2002 or so soonish and I've been scanning through the forums looking for good and bad points about this bike. Was hoping someone could outline a few of the common problems with the bike (electronically is what I seem to find alot) and what can be done to overcome/prevent these problems.

    Many thanks


    And i just realized where i posted this, oh boy

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    i had an o2 it has some common issies as you say like the sprag, wiring issues, tps and cps issues, heavy clitch etc Loadsa info in v2 forum.
    Most bikes now have these mods done already, so have a good listen to the motor, start it ypur self and see what prev owner has done.
    My 02 did over 68k before it was pinched, relatively fee probs, not sprag but had a few issues with tps and cps failing, they dont like rain much either

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