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Thread: Rsv4 cutting out

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    Rsv4 cutting out

    Hi, I bought an RSV4 (2010) model earlier this year, it's beautiful and has really restored my love of bikes after a few stale years on a gsxr.
    Even planning to get back on track with it.
    But - It has randomly cut out on 3 occasions for no reason what so ever, had it back into my dealer who has been great and replaced a demand sensor which there is apparently a known fault/recall on, subsequently I have had a trawl round the web and discovered there's actually quite a lot of faults & random problems, but no definitive list (that I could find)
    There's been engine /rod problems, gearbox/clutch problems, random electrical charging /battery problems and the demand sensor.
    So is there a list of recalls and will they be honoured after the 2 year warranty period? As mines just out of warranty now it's kind of niggling me & I sometimes wonder, as good as aprilia seem to be, that if there are some faults that have been allowed to maybe play out & see if they come back ?
    I don't want to sound cynical but (not aprilia) some manufacturers have been know to do this in the past, my car (BMW) has had suspension problems twice which is a know fault (rear coil spring) and they just replace it with the same crap part until it goes past warranty then adios ! 3rd set or springs in 30k miles !
    I am going to have a chat with my dealership about it & possible extended warranty options but welcome any thoughts

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    Awesome bikes arent they!!!
    like my 2010 V4 you will be out of luck with Aprilia honoring any recalls I think.
    thank fully no probs with mine apart from the usual 'hard to find neutral' and 'slow off the ignition starting' (use an optimate)
    It seems to me that alot of the USA bikes had probs (bulging tanks etc) but the Euro ones dont seem to have as many , mebbe just the demand sensor and a few gaskets.
    I would ring an aprilia dealer and ask.
    cheers ck

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    I find its easier to find neutral if while click up for neutral gently push forward at the same for me...

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