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Thread: Just got my RSV4 yesterday!

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    @phlaug - with the standard shift assembly that is correct. Woodcraft make a kit however that can be used on the standard rearset to change to GP-shift. Check out "Woodcraft GP Shift Pedal Kit For V4 APRC (WC08-5741)". I was the same, been riding GP shift for years now and changed it straight away with the Woodcraft kit. Works perfect!

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    400 is a bit steep,you can buy a RACE ECU for less than that. Windy Corner in Barwell can prob be able to remap you original ECU to race spec for prob half that. It is genuine Aprilia as well

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    Austin racing's rearsets can be changed to race shift !!

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    Austin Racing do a kit to convert their rearsets to Race Shift, 72.
    Another new RSV4 Owner

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