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Thread: Whats that then....

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    Whats that then....

    Continuing my burst of forum post's as ive got a new toy.....

    I took the fairing off the other day to give it a clean and a nose around. While cleaning/nosing i noticed a (this is on mine) small piece of what looks to be samco hose, cut, folded back on itself and then tie wrapped. Its location is on the front of the engine just above the oil filter and to the right (im looking at it from the front left) - i looked on the owners manual and its the only thing i cant see a desription for (its marked as part number 9 on that page) but i cant see any reference to part number 9. On the diagram it looks to be some sort of sensor.

    The guy i bought if off, used it on a couple of track days but other than that its absolutely immaculate (he had 5 other bikes so it hardly got used) - so, i dont think its a bodge, looks like more of a standard mod-type-thing.

    Can anyone shed any light on it?



    PS i did take a pic of it but can't see how to get it uploaded.
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    No idea what your on about but if you want to post pictures you need to down load them into Photobucket then upload onto post

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