Hi, thanks for all the kind words about my first Ape...

I'm a painter panel beater by trade and have been asked if I do private jobs. Yes I do and the following are some prices I've drawn up quickly. These prices are subject to condition of individual bikes/panels.

One colour- in solid colour 250

two tone design in solid 275-300 (depending on complexity of design)

One tone metallic/pearl 300

Two tone Metallic/pearl 350

Two tone Metallic/pearl with solid colour 325

I will endevour to do the best I can to pull prices down for you guys on here but will need to asses each case on an individual basis. We can also discuss how we can go about keeping costs low. These would be top end prices.

I have been painting for 16 years and have a good knowledge of plastics and carbon etc. I have been a painter for a BMW race team and done custom work for some years now.

I'm based in Hurstpierpoint West Sussex. I am very greatfull to all who have helped on this forum and as such will make every attempt to give you guys and gals the best price/finish ratio i can.

Note....this is important! ALL colours will be laquered! Solid colours do fade etc in time and its much more cost effective in the long run to have laquered finishes. Its cheaper to do repairs, colour stays as it should, colour is richer.

All work will have around 6 coats of laquer on with about 2-3 flattened back giving a near perfect finish as I can.

Work will take a little longer than a full time bodyshop as I have to fit it in around life commitments but will endevour to get it done asap without compromising finish.

You can see some other work on my facebook page


Still building that page up with time.

Note 2. If we are going single colour black gloss, this will be done to my way which is high solid gloss black, flashed off (touch dry half hour) then hit with laquer then flattened back.....this believe me gives a glass finish....I did my mates BMW e30 this way and it just shines 24/7. No additional cost to this.

Aprillia stickers etc can be put on under laquer as it is on mine. Personally I prefer it. We can arrange just aprillia etc then you can stick other decals on after, or we can do it all under laquer.

Hope this is of interest to some people out there.....

Look forward to my next project.