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Thread: new boy :)

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    new boy :)

    Hi boys and girls pick up my rsv4 factory tuesday night
    And wow what a bike compared to my ktm rc8
    Does any one have a standard exhaust there looking at getting rid of
    As am looking at doing some track days and dont think austin racing exhaust will pass
    Regards mike

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    You may get an standard exhaust on fleabay, they pop up now and again. Which can is that ?? GP can or ulimate, i have had a few AR cans on my RSV4's got the GP2r at the minute, which tracks do you use out of interest.
    Some tracks are incredibly strict on Noise C Combe being the worst, i find Silverstone the easiest which is why i use it the most.

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    yes dude I have a std 2010 can avail

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