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Thread: Scott @ Windy Corner

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    Scott @ Windy Corner

    Hi guys,

    Some of you may have gathered that Windy Corner closed in October of last year forcing Scott (the tech) to seek alternative employment. He is now in possession of the diagnostics to do both Aprilia & Triumph. If you need any help PM 2000r1 & will be happy to help where possible.

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    Can Scott previously of Windy Corner, or anybody else who knows his whereabouts and who can help, please contact me preferably at No problem is just that I have never previously dealt with a motorcycle technician of such competence and am likely to need his services again. Furthermore my riding associates...two of them...are both Triumph riders(although one also has a very rapid Aprillia too as well as a Ducati Monster to restore).We need a decent, competent and honest technician.....Scott fits the bill. Thank you in anticipation....Geof Cobbe

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