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Thread: carbon fibre

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    carbon fibre

    Hi there am looking to replace the plastic chain guard air intake duct s and the side panel air intakes with carbon fibre 1 s I ve looked online for seller s found 3 but not sure which of them re the best match fir the original satin carbon fibre on an 2011 factory just wondered if anybody on here has bought these part if so where from
    The 3 suppliers I ve found are

    1 jap4 carbon

    2 carbon king

    3 conquest carbon

    Cheers inadvance kev

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    conquest all the way dude, its 2x2 twill, JAp4 is small checker and so is carbon king i think.

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    Steve at Conquest Carbon supplies decent quality kit and it matches with the Aprilia OE supplied by Italica in Italy.

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