Since the 2009 Aprilia RSV4 Factory is so completely awesome and since no one else is bothering to cover it yet, we thought we’d bring you the latest crop of official images from its Rome launch as well as a recap on everything we know about it and just for good measure a few new tidbits too.
Weight: the Aprilia RSV4 weighs 190kg / 418lb wet. That’s 1kg lighter than a Ducati 1098R.

Power: The Aprilia RSV4 Race Machine’s 210bhp at the crank. While Aprilia has quoted no official power figure for the road-going RSV4, estimates put it between 180 and 190bhp at the crank. The 1098R makes 180bhp at the crank.

Engine: A monobloc cylinder block, 65? 999cc V4 with electronic engine management, variable-length intake trumpets and a ride-by-wire throttle, which combine to offer nearly infinite power delivery characteristics and engine maps. There’s also independently controlled throttle bodies for each cylinder, meaning the volume of air inducted to each can be independently and instantaneously varied. There’s also a slipper clutch and cassette gearbox.
Price: It’s looking increasingly likely that the RSV4 / Factory is a direct replacement for the RSV 1000 R / Factory which retail for $14,000 and $18,000 respectively. We’d guess at a price increase to $17,000 and $21,000 due to a higher specification and that whole crumbling American economy thing.

Fancy stuff: While the Race Machine features traction control, that won’t come as standard on either the 2009 Aprilia RSV4 or Factory. All three models feature engine mounts that adjust by 10mm up and down, and adjustable headstock angle and adjustable swingarm pivot position. Differentiation rears it ugly head again when it comes to the suspension and brakes; while we’re not sure what the base RSV4 will get, the Factory uses the same USD Öhlins / Brembo Monoblocs as the RSV 1000 R Factory while the Race Machine is equipped with the super duper Öhlins FGR 800 forks.

Tires: Pirelli Diablo Supercorsas.

Availability: The Aprilia RSV4 Race Machine will enter the 2009 Superbike World Championship. The 2009 Aprilia RSV4 and Factory should be available in dealers in the spring.