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    rear shock

    putting my back wheel in today after having a tyre fitted , whilst moving the bike i noticed the swingarm was dropping quite a bit when lifting the weight off . had a closer look and noticed the shock was lifting off the lower mount , the height adjuster has snapped off near the base , pissed off as its more time off the bike and poss money as well as i have only owned it for 4 months and it still needs head bearings which were found when i had the forks resealed,will try to get the shock off sunday and get the threaded bit out and try to repair it . the thought of what could have happened if it had parted company whilst on the move doesnt bear thinking about . if anyone has a height adjuster spare let me know ta

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    good find matey, that could have been disasterous

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    got a R1 shock that i might put on so i can leave the bike up right does anyone know the shock lenght of the aprilia shock the R 1 is 300mm

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