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Thread: Air getting into clutch system

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    Air getting into clutch system

    I have an 09 RSV and have a repeated issue with air getting into the clutch hydraulics. Under wararntly, I have already had the master cylinder replaced, but the 'moving' bite on the clutch has returned and it will be a matter of time before I need to bleed. Obviously, I will be contacting the dealer, but can anyone give me a heads up of where to point them, in case they struggle for ideas themselves?
    As I said, they have replaced the master cylinder and lever arrangement, what next!!
    Thanks in advance.

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    Its an ongoing thing this............i replaced the slave cylinder with an MPL unit and dont have any problems, others have replaced the master cylinder with the Brembo billet m/c

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    It amazes that Aprilia haven't sorted this issue. This problem has existing since the new style RSVR 1000 was released in late 2003. The problem seems to be with the self bleed on the clutch master cylinder. Heat from the slave cylinder causes air to form within the clutch fluid. This then rises to the master cylinder on the handlebar and should in theory be self bled out of the system through normal useage of the clutch. However some master cylinders seem to be more prone than others. Air get trapped inside and cannot escape. Try altering the angle of the master cylinder? as BB1000 says An MPL clutch slave should cure the problem as will fitting a revised Brembo master cylinder.

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    i also put a teflon spacer between the mpl unit and the engine......dont know if it made any difference though TBH, but i never have to bleed my clutch

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    Appreciate the advice there. Obviously though, with 18months warranty remaining I am not keen on fitting equipment at my own expense etc. I will relay to them what you have told me and see what they come up with themselves.

    Thanks again.

    Worst case though, where do you buy these items you guys have fitted with some success?


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    Can be found on ebay as well

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