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Thread: Solenoid and spark plug questions?

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    Solenoid and spark plug questions?

    I've been going though OEM and aftermarket solenoids regularly and I finally got the part number for the Yamaha one so I'm on my way to the Yamaha dealer to get one on order. Has anyone run one long enough to determine if there is an increase in longevity? I've heard guys say they turn over stronger but no one has addressed if they burn one as quickly or not.
    I'm going to pick up or order new plugs as long as I'm there. Any suggestions or should I just use the standard ones? What are the standard ones anyway? I haven't pulled my old ones out yet. I'm in Mpls, MN and it's fucking cold here!
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    You say you are going through starter solenoids regularly? Surely you must have a fault that is causing them to fail

    Standard plugs are fine however you could upgrade to Platinum or iridium plugs

    DCPR9E NGK Standard Spark Plug
    DCPR9EVX NGK Platinum Spark Plug
    DCPR9EIX NGK Iridium Plugs
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