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Thread: Rear brake m/c bracket

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    Rear brake m/c bracket

    i ordered one of these brackets from some time ago as it is supposed to help prevent the rear m/c overheating.
    im tinkering with my bike and thought i'd fit it but cant see how

    its an L shaped bracket with 3 holes
    im sure a few of you good folk have one

    anyone got a pick of it fitted or a good description?


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    If its the heat shield, then you need to unbolt the bolts that hold the spacer on

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    oh dear im being im being a numb nuts

    i thought it was for the reservoir despite it stating that its a m/c bracket,
    figured it out myself but couldn't reply before BB1000 had stated the bloody obvious!

    just getting some super maxxis fitted at the moment so looking forward to giving them a try and an extension welded onto the side stand.
    sods law states that the bike will topple over before the crash bobbins i ordered yesterday arrive!


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    you'll be impressed with the maxxiss...i like the price even more

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