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Thread: rsvr not charging

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    rsvr not charging

    hello! ive got a 2005 rsvr factory what broke down on me today the battery was flat, ive noticed when riding i had a flat spot at about 4500/5000 rpm i thought it was a plug issue
    anyway i got my big started by a booster pack,i checked the charge rate when i got home and its charging at 11.4 volts,ive checked the 3 yellow wires that go into the brown connecters all all seems well apart from a little bit of corrosion on the teriminals
    what am i looking at to sort it a new regulater or and stator
    ps its always kept on a optimate when not in use
    cheers jonty
    any advice i can be contacted on 07773554385

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    jonty please gimme a call as soon as youy can sure i will be able to point you in the right direction...ive just done an 05 with a charging issue last week!!

    speak soon!!

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    Hew to the site I've had my 2005 RSV1000R factory for 3 years no problems until a month ago. Keeps eating battery's like there is no tomorrow, seen jonty's thread and it sounds like the same drama.
    Ant guidance as at my breaking point lol, its a bad state of affairs when I take a spare battery out with me as keeps draining them ??

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