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Thread: Bum pads

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    Bum pads

    Anyone know where I can get an Aprilia Racing seat/bum pad for my bike? Had a look on Ebay, M&P etc and done a quick Google but not much joy. Jesters Trick Bits list them but only for 04 model

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    Dude what do you mean racing seat/buM pad

    is it a logo'd cover for your normal seat you're after or a different seat all together?

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    Sorry, I meant the rubber pad that fits on the front of the standard rear seat hump and has 'Aprilia Racing' embossed onto it. After a bit more searching, it looks like they are fitted to the 2001 models as standard, item 20 below (mine's a 2000). I'll try giving Speedaway a bell next week.

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    Easy done mate (check my garage), all I did was buy some 20mm (3/4 inch for you lads over there), then drew up and laser cut a steel template.

    After that you kinda cut it close with a stanley knife, then with the foam help against the template use a softpaf grinder to shape it up, cheap and cheerfull fix

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