Okay, as the title says, this is a quick heads-up for Kais Suspension, which is based in Atherton near(ish) Manchester.

For various reasons, I`m a bit pushed for time at the moment, and having had my RSVR for a month now, I knew I wanted to get the suspension sorted.

I do have a reasonable idea what everything does, ie: the preload, rebound and compression adjusters (both front and back), but as I said, I haven`t the time to be out with tie-wraps on the forks on a given test-route, etc, so I decided to see if the experts could sort it for me........quickly.

I didn`t really have many complaints in the first place, as I think the standard settings on the Ape are already pretty good anyway, certainly for my weight at least (a fat 14 stone pie-eating git ), but I had found that the front was bouncing off the bumps a bit, as was the rear.

The adjusters aren`t too difficult for most people, but I knew that the sag would be a bit of a ball-ache when you`re pushed for time (did I mention that I hadn`t much time.....? ), so, as I said, cue the experts, ie: Kais, who specialise specifically in Ohlins.

On arriving, I found the place to be a decent set-up, with a very friendly team, headed by Andy White, who I`ve dealt with briefly in the past. This time I found Andy exactly the same as the last, ie, friendly, approachable, and highly knowledgable, all complemented, of course, by the fact that I was offered a brew (yep, you guessed it, refused it coz I didn`t have time )

Anyway, I was in around 30 mins, whilst they sorted the sag for my weight, taken with me on, and off the bike, and then made the necessary p/c adjustments accordingly.

The result: Well, the ride is now absolutely superb !! The front end is amazing, especially, as I can hardly feel any bumps at all now, let alone bounce off them ! The bike is also turning in a bit quicker as well, which is good, and the rear, again, feels more compliant.

So, all in all..........probably the best 40 I`ve ever spent on any bike I`ve had; seriously, and I would highly recommend them.

Here`s the link to their website to see what else they have to offer..........KAIS