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Thread: 0 - 200mph in a second

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    0 - 200mph in a second

    Well that's what the speedo says! So think I might have a problem... all dash functions work apart from speedo reading which ranges from 0 to think of a number x 3 / 4 + a bit and bears no relation to my speed. A bit unhelpful through speed cameras so does anyone have any advice, don't know if it's related but service light has come on too, please help before i clock up too many points and get a free bicycle.

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    Mine did this when my Xenon headlight burner blew.

    Check all your lights/electrics work as they should then take a look at the speed sensor at the rear wheel, notorious for getting all corroded up and wires breaking.

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    as always alan is totally on it!!

    also mate check that the bolts on the back disc are clean and the face of the speed sensor isnt coated , this causes the issue you describe....
    Hope this helps??


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