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Thread: Broken falco .. Timing chain question ...

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    Broken falco .. Timing chain question ...

    Gidday -
    Hoping someone can assist.
    I purchased my first ever Aprilia a month ago.
    She developed a timing chain rattle.
    then the big end exploded ( me and the missus were shattered )

    Got quoted a ridiculous price to fix her - so decided to fix it myself.
    Had the con rods shut and tunnel bored, the big end milled and am fitting Toyota 2k bearings .. But can someone assist with a means of
    converting the hydraulic tensioners to manual or even hydraulic over manual ?

    Noted the design fault with the rear tensioner ( who the hell puts a hydraulic
    tensioner on the load side of a cam change ).... Rotax !

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    posting in the right forum might help your chances...moved to the RSV forum....hope someone can help yah.


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