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Thread: clutch slip

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    clutch slip

    sorry, i know this issue has been flogged to death, but does anyone who has tried the m6 mod know if one washer is enough, or will two washers be a better bet?!

    i have to get it sorted (along with oil seal in water pump) so will be draining all oil, but dont want to put it back together only to have the bastard thing still slipping and have to do it AGAIN!


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    Use some sand paper to roughten the plates a bit if they still have any meat left on them. Should do the trick, without any washers.

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    You wont need to drain the oil if you leave it on the sidestand.

    Yeah roughen up the plates and rinse.
    if you put 2 washers in it will clutch drag

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    you can stick 5 m6 washers on and it won't make any difference it doesn't put any extra tension on springs.
    you need a washer with ID larger than the post the bolt threads into and with same OD as original washer and they need fitting under original washers.

    Miff UK fitted washers with that spec and its worked for him.

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