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Thread: Riding w/out oil!!

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    Riding w/out oil!! I just bought a 04 Mille and as soon as I got the bike home I was so excited to ride it, I just unloaded it and took it for an illegal(no licence) spin for about 10 miles. I later found out that there was no oil in the bike! How much damage would this most likely cause to the bike? This is my first bike and I really don't know that much about them.

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    when you say no oil how do you know , if it was totally empty it wouldnt last long was the oil pressure light on was it noisey why wasnt there any oil in it loads of questions

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    there was no oil showing on the gauge on the side of the bike and I also opened up the cap and stuck my finger in and couldn't feel anything. There was no indicator lights on at all. It sounded prefectly fine. Someone told me that if your going to store a bike for a long period of time some people like to drain all the oil. Like I said I really don't know that much about bikes. I'm waiting for my oil filter to come in the mail, then I'm going to actually pull the plug and see if there's actually anything in there.

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    if it was a short ride and the weather was cold that day, or if the gauge is blocked all those things would mean no oil in sight glass. You,re doing the right thing by changing the oil though. Best to be safe than sorry and thats the only way to make sure the right amount is in there and then you can check your level and find out if your sight glass is right. I reckon if level is dangerously low the oil light would come on but only if that is working too lol

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    Search for the thread on properly checking the oil - remember its a dry sump motor...

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    Hi Matey, firstly ...... welcome to the zone, glad to have you on board.

    Now I reckon that there is oil in the bike (like oldTZ says do a search on the oil check procedure on the mille here on the zone), but in short the bike has to be warmed up and running for the oil level to be correctly sighted. I'm not trying to be patronising here, but if I were you I would get a dealer to do your first oil and filter change (its just that you say its your first bike and that you're not sure on stuff, better to be safe than sorry), just until you've read up on this site for all the little foibles that our great bikes have.

    I'm all for self maitenance but as long as its done correctly, co's as with any motorcycle motor they are high performance engines that need the correct care.


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    You want to take your time and read up all you can on these bikes. Oil level is checked in a specific way so make sure you find out how it's done correctly

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    Hi mate and welcome to the zone.

    Mate i used to work in a car garage and my brother is a mechanic. Trust me if there was no oil in it the engine would have seized solid in the a few miles. There will be oil there there is just a specific procedure you need to follow to check it.

    There are loads of threads on here about oil sight glAss procedures, do a search and read up.

    If you do change your own oil then remember there are 2 drain plugs you need to remove to get oil the oil out.

    Let us know how it turns out mate and enjoy the twin experience it will have it's ups and downs but it is the most rewarding and exciting bike experience I have enjoyed over the last 10 years.

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    As above - If the warning light wasn't on I'd say you're probably OK.
    Mine doesn't show anything in the sight tube when it's cold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by A303 View Post
    As above - If the warning light wasn't on I'd say you're probably OK.
    Mine doesn't show anything in the sight tube when it's cold.

    Neither does mine. A very scary feeling the first time you notice.

    I agree with the previous opinions,if the motor was EMPTY then you would have known about it fairly quickly I would imagine.

    You just have to remember it's a dry sump motor and the oil drains down into the cases when at rest,it needs to run properly for about 10 miles to scavenge the oil back to the tank and give a true reading.

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