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Thread: Newbie MY06

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    Newbie MY06

    I collecting my 2007 RSV MY06 tonite, it has full service history and has covered 10,000 miles. Bike looks very clear and the bloke seems pretty clued up with regard to bike. Is there anything I should really look out for or listen for on this model?.

    Thanks for all assistance.


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    hello matey, welcome to the zone - get some piccies up when you can.

    I guess the major thing is the sprag clutch (it'll sound like a bag of spanners crunching away) when you try starting it - if the battery is a little flat it can cause probs. Check the clocks and mileage - they can reset if the battery goes flat. Now I'm sure somebody with a GenII mille will be along shortly to fill in all the blanks too.


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    Mirrors are utter shite, get some extenders if you want to have a vague inkling of what's behind you. They don't clear the blurring though so you can't tell whether the white car behind is a white car trying to race you or the plod logging your naughty speeds

    Also change the gearing to 15:42 to make it easier to ride in low gear at low speeds.

    All that from my 3 months of RSV ownership. One of the long term fellas with expand on this no doubt

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