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Thread: First post-eagerly awaiting!

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    First post-eagerly awaiting!

    Hi all, I m having an 05 factory delivered this week and cant wait-have only had inline 4s before! Just reading through a few of the threads about batteries and brown connectors, and wondered if anyone knows if there are any non-mains trickle chargers? I ve got a garage, but no power there-any way around this problem? Thanks all.

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    you can get small solar powered chargers try caravan outdoorsie type places

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    hello matey and welcome to the zone - you'll love the bike

    Maplins have what you need matey.


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    Hi, just took delivery of my RSV1000R on 07 plate. Have ridden most types of bikes, but this one is something else really amazing power delivery and the handling is spot on. I think I'll need a few thousand miles to get used to it, just about to take the missus out on the RSV think it will be the first and last as she is used to the Fazer Still means I can keep my toy for myself.

    Have fun and hope the sun is still shining when you take delivery.

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    Welcome on board sam

    I'm in a similar situation and the best way round it is to remove the battery and take it with you and charge at home. You can get quick release set ups for the seat and it takes no more than 5 mins even without quick release.

    Enjoy your new bike

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    Cheers guys-good suggestion about the solar powered supply and also just taking the battery inside! Will make sure I check for the brown connector issue asap to.

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    Will this sort of trickle charger be ok?

    Dont want to over/undercook the battery. Also looks like it could be made reasonably weather-proof so could just be installed on my garage roof. Will this be worse than an optimate type conditioner? Maybe I could get one of those too and take the battery inside now and again - is there any issue with the battery being removed from the bike for a period of time? Will this reset Mileage clocks?

    Sorry, one other question - is there a way to recognise the Swingarm that should be replaced?

    Thanks again all.

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    I would not get the solar charger from maplins as its' not waterproof,which is a must in this country.
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