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Thread: Got myself an ohlins shock ....

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    Got myself an ohlins shock ....

    Ok, I got an ohlins fairly cheap, I dont like the sachs shock, seems very soft to me. Anyways, its in fairly good nick for a 2000 model, hoping it fits the 03 model? But the paint on the bottom of the spring has flaked away, just wondering if there is any particular paint to use on these, I was gonna take off the spring and clean it up when I got the chance and also give the body a quick polish up too. Not taken a shock to bits so is there anything I should look out for?
    Thanks again

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    If you want a 2000 shock on a 03 you need the 2000 model linkcage, there diferent.

    Dont know about the color, if you are a non-standard weight probably the best to buy a new spring suited for your weight. It will be hard to just paint it with normal color since its close to the exhaust and it .. well moves . If its on the bottom and it doesnt move, try to normal paint it but its kinda hard to paint steel so that it doesnt fall away after some time, I tryed my bars weights

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    Is this what I need?

    About the paint, I assume the paint they use at the factory can be aquired on the street by us mere mortals or something similar?

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    Its not just the paint, its how you paint it. Probably just with a spray can wont cut it

    Yes the one in the link should work
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    Ohwell, it's only gone at the bottom, shouldnt be able to see it. Cheers for you help mate.

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