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Thread: ducati forks on rsv???

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    ducati forks on rsv???

    hi mates. does anyone know if a ducati 1098 showa 43mm radial forks,will fit the rsv? i believe the tubes are the same,just dont know about the wheel spindle.any advice would be good. thanks

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    Hello Bud, its 53mm (think maybe yours was a typo) and I'm not sure on spindle fitment - does the 1098 have brembo wheels? I know that the r or is it s with the ohlins runs marchesini wheels where as the RSV-R's run Oz's. But if the standard 1098 with the showas run brembos then theres a chance.

    So ................... after that long diatribe

    Take a look at the part numbers for both bikes (wheel bearing we're talking here) and that'll give you your answer.


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