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Thread: Swingarm compatibility

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    Swingarm compatibility

    Hi all, just need to call on your expertise in all things rsv. I want to change my swingarm on my 2000 rsvr due to it being somewhat marked up. Will all the old shape rsv/tuono swingarms fit? Also i assume they are all the same, regardless of sachs or ohlins shock? Many thanks for your help fellas

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    I think the swingarms are compatible but Ohlins /sachs need a different dogbone.

    ps Someone will be along shortly to advise

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    Hi mate. I have just swapped the arm on my 2000 RSVR for one from a 2002 RSVR. The arm itself was a straight swap but the linkage was different, so I had to fit the original 2000 linkage to the newer arm. Couple of things worth bearing in mind:

    The exhaust collector has to come off and you have to loosen both downpipes. The swingarm won't clear the rear downpipe unless you loosen it. One of the 13mm nuts on the rear downpipe is a bitch to get at as you can't get straight on it with a socket. I used a 13mm socket spanner to loosen it first and a flexi drive to undo it. You'll also need a BMX freewheel tool to undo the swingarm pivot locknut and a 14mm hex tool. And you'll need to split the chain so will need a replacement joining link. To support the bike, I removed the sidestand and placed an axle stand under the bottom of the frame on each side. Also, be extra careful if you remove any of the linkage sleeves to grease them as the needle roller bearings drop out (don't ask! )

    Good luck
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