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Thread: YAY... got me bike bike after 3 months !! :-)

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    YAY... got me bike bike after 3 months !! :-)

    stalled it 3 times trying too pull away aswell !!

    having ridden a ER6N & CBF6 for the last 3 months... i felt like iv never ridden my RSV before !!

    swung my leg over... clipped the seat... so swung it higher... now sitting on the seat i felt like i was on a trial bike... so high up... went to reach for the clips ons... the overall position now felt like i was taking a from behind... lol... then put my feet on the pegs... missed... tried higher... missed... tried even higher... got them !!

    tell you what though... the fecking noise & power... ... iv missed it soooooooooooooooo much !!

    now i can start getting use to my baby again... Happy Days are here... i dont care about the weather anymore... i just want to ride my beast !!

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    think il wait for a couple of months before fitting the 57mm's & a Hook kit for now !!

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    haha. i borrowed a Kawasaki versys while mine was in the garage and i had exactly the same feeling. felt very strange.

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    Happy Days Fella......

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    Awesome just go steady as the roads are crap now already. You'll have twice the power of the er6f

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