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Thread: Original or Akrapovic?

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    Original or Akrapovic?

    love the new bike its awesome!

    Can anyone tell me how i tell the differance between akrapovic full system and the original? without taking her apart? sorry to sound stupid just new to the world of RSV'S

    also if this is a full akrapovic system will the original end can fit so i can get it through an mot next year as im thinking of buying an endcan off fleabay(or does anyone have a spare?)

    didnt get given the original with sale of the bike bit of a bummer really


    Picture in my garage
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    Hi mate, it looks like you have an Akrapovic can and link pipe. The rest is the standard system. All you do is unhook the lower pair of springs and slide the can and link pipe off together. The original silencer and link pipe are one item and can't be separated from each other but hook onto the lower system in the same way. There are loads of cheap standard pipes on ebay and it's only a 10 min job to swap over at Mot time
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    excellent news thank you very much Rich :-)

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    My Kwak has an Akro, and all I do to get it through the MOT is to refit the removable baffle. There has never been a need to refit the original can, as it only has to pass a noise test, not emissions.

    My RSV is too new for an MOT, but it's also fitted with Akros, so I will simply do the same as I do with the Kwak. ;-)

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    Ive had race cans on all of my bikes and injust take them for mot with the cans on. I've never had one fail yet.

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