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Thread: Electrical issues?

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    Electrical issues?

    Hi all, got some startin issues with me 2001 mille, need help/advice please. OK, from the top. i got the bike in june, after 2 weeks it let me down, middle of snake pass, wouldn't start, ran fine till i stopped for a ciggie break, went to start it, one click then nothing. Took bike back, they fitted new battery said all was fine, blah blah blah. Now however, when i first start the bike its fine, problems always start when i pull over for a rest, soon as i go to start her up, she labours, really struggles, last time i lost me clocks and only just got started, bloody thing reset all clocks to kph though before she started. What the hells going on, its getting to the point where i dare not go to far incase i have to pull over for a cramp break...pmsl.
    Many thanks.

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    okay it sounds like your rectifier/regulator maybe toast.

    Have you a multimeter ?

    Dont worry if you hav'nt but it will hlep.

    The rec/reg is located under the right hand rear plastics (as sat on the bike) you need to check the condition of both connectors, I am betting that the brown connector with the 3 yellow wires is completely corroded/burnt.

    You will need to cut out this connector and and solder the wires back together and cover with heat shrink tubing.

    The multimeter is used to check the output of the alternator as well as the charging state of the battery both static and with the engine running.

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    Sounds like the way to go mate, check the charge circuit and if that's all OK then I would get the starter solenoid stuck in the bin and buy a Yamaha one. (Do a search for starter solenoid and you'll find the Yamaha part number)

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    Ok, there's many posts on this so do a search on poor starting. As the guys have said, it could be a faulty rectifier but i bet it's just a low battery and tired starter solenoid. What battery did the dealer fit? You need at least a decent YTX14-BS and you need to keep it hooked up to an Optimate 3 or 4 when not in use. Vtwins need a hefty thump of amps to turn them over so batteries and starter solenoids need to be 100%. I would suggest replacing the starter solenoid with a straight swap uprated Yamaha one, part number 4KD81940-00 about 30 or order one from Griff aka fusebox who has some uprated ones in stock. This should cure your starting problems
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