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Thread: Mivv Exhausts

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    Mivv Exhausts

    I'm having some Mivv exhausts for my 04 Mille R and have contacted the factory with regards to any re-mapping that needs doing. They tell me that it will not need any tampering with and I'll be able to fit them and ride away without any problems. Does anyone know any different? Will I be able to do this or is there some fettling need to be done? I will probably be removing the baffles also. Your thought's would be appreciated.

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    i would say map2 would be needed ..get to your local dealer to get this done....then you'll be ready for the "HOOKED" airbox which would be your next obvious

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    Yes you do need MAP2 activating by an Aprilia dealer. They will also need to correctly adjust the throttle bodies and reset CO2 levels to stop any low speed runnning problems and stalling. Also ask them to download the latest map for your bike. Go and see Griff at Aprilia Performance in Tamworth as he's only just down the road

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