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Thread: front brake light switch

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    front brake light switch

    since it was standing (and possibly due to the fact that it's dark more often so I notice it, could have been doing it before for all I know!! ) my brake light switch sometimes sticks on until I've used it a few times. By the end of my commute of 15 miles the brake light goes out by itself, at the start I have to flick my lever forward to make it go out.

    Is this likely to be fixable? My brakes are bled, but not super hard (I like a bit of give) I'll give it a squirt of WD tomorrow and see if that helps, but as far as I can tell the problem must lie in the master cylinder somewhere, don't think the switch is removable is it?

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    The brake light switch is just mounted by two press in mouldings. Give it a tweak, with a flat head if needs be, and you'll have the switch off in no time squire

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    sorry just being lazy. I've got to take the forks back out anyway so i'll have a better look then. Ta

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    Probably find that the lever could do with taking out,cleaning and having some new grease on the pivot.

    That and a squirt of WD40 on the switch plunger to flush out any stickyness.

    That cured the same thing on my SV

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