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Thread: a little help required

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    Baby Twin
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    healing, north east lincs

    a little help required

    Hi every1
    Im new to this site only just joined today and im already wanting to pick all the members brains.

    I currently own a 2003 rsv mille, i've had it less than a year and this is my 1st winter as the owner, i've taken it off the road for winter now and i was wondering if there is anything i need to do with the bike over winter to keep it in perfect mechanical order, also when the good weather comes round again will i need to do anything to it before i can ride it ie brake fluid, oil change etc.

    Any help will be much appreciated, hope to hear from members soon.

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    Hiya and welcome,,,,,, RIDE IT that will sort it right out,,

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    Ride it mate

    welcome aboard

    Plug it in to an optimate.....maybe change the oil and filter before storage...thats what i would do anyway

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    Welcome to the forum mate.

    As the guys said above, ride out and get yourself a nice set of Layer 8 Textile jacket and trousers from Mahoney (AKA Steve) along with plenty of warm gear.

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    Baby Twin
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    healing, north east lincs
    Wow guess u guys on here dont "garage up" for winter then!!!! guess i'm gonna have to man up and get out on it then!
    thanks for the comments lads

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    welcome pal.....i've only had my rsv for a week or so now and the bike seems to like adverse weather conditions.i'm actually looking forward to getting out on it when there's some grip lol.
    as BB1000 said deffo get an optimate.....will keep your battery in top notch condition!

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    Can of ACF-50 and spray all your engine to protect it, i run the bike up to get hot then spray it on the exhaust manifolds, this turns it into a fine mist and it spreads all over the hard to reach places nicely

    Welcome to the zone matey

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    Welcome mate. If yu really want to be obsessive, you can get the wheels off the ground (Abba stand and belly pan off so you can jack it underneath for the front) to unload the suspension, which some say will save your seals.

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    Its also worth bearing in mind
    That if the bike is parked up for the winter its a good idea to drain the petrol tank as the petrol will start to go off so when you come to start it again in the spring the spark isn't as strong and given the sometimes tempramental nature of these bikes its a good idea to give it all the help you can.:-)

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    here's what I've always done:

    Stabil in the gas tank
    Put her on stands...front and rear (not necessary, just what I'm accustomed to doing)
    Remove Battery
    Change Oil and filter before riding again after being in storage more than a couple of months.
    Then enjoy...

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    Baby Twin
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    healing, north east lincs
    Thanks for all the info lads, it's been really useful.
    It's know attached to it's life support machine(optimate)!!!! Oil changes, cleaning emptying fuel etc will all be done throughout the wk hopefully! On the other hand I might just tax and mot it and keep riding as some have suggested!!!

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    I don't know what your religious thoughts are, but for me it is a sin to park for the winter and ignore it. All bikes need love and attention.

    Stabil is a good idea, so is the Optimate, but riding it is the best thing you can do. Work those seals or replace them, your choice.

    Welcome to the Zone! Lots of good info here. Cheers!

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