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Thread: Exhaust hangers???

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    Exhaust hangers???

    Hi guys, can anyone with experience of both older shape and newer Milles tell me if the hangers are interchangable

    Need one for the Tuono ('03) for the Arrow shotguns and have noticed more for sale for the 03.5> Milles

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    Andi, i believe you'll need one specific for 2001 to 2003 Mille or 2002 to 2005 Tuono.

    If there is a problem with fitting the shotguns with the existing footpeg hanger, is it the hanger thats fouling the cans or is it simply too long or the wrong angle? Would not a aftermarket hanger have the same mounting points as the original footpeg hanger and hence the same problem?

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    Hi bud, thanks for that.

    I think you may be right in that when fitting the can to the headers, it seems to sit slightly higher that the mounting point of the footrest hanger, hence the need to "push" the cans down slightly to line the strap hole with the footrest hole? It need "pushing" down approx 5-10mm and then sits fine, no touching of the can to swingarm etc.....

    If the aftermarket ones are set to exactly the same length then, like you say, it may be no good However, if the angle was slighly steeper ten i could move the carbon strap back slightly which would work fine

    Possibly need to be trial and error, though that could be expensive

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