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Thread: RSV tips and advice.

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    RSV tips and advice.

    Hi everyone,
    I'm on the verge of buying a 2005 RSV 1000R. I know that these Aprilias have one or two minor issues, i.e. starter solenoid, battery, etc, I have no real problem with any of them, in fact I think that little "foibles" like these give a bike some character.
    What I would like help with from you guys is a comprehensive list of all possible problems and even better the associated solutions!
    Any help at all, as always gratefully received.


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    When I got advice off of here for buying mine the main bit was the sprag clutch. If he goes anywhere near twisting the throttle on start up walk away or haggle over the price of it. Other than that mate just your general checks you would do on any bike

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    Brown connector is a must.
    Someone recommended to keep clean the earth connector or even adding another one ( a wire from - battery to chasis or subframe)

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    Ask for the previous mots and check things like handlebar grip and riders pegs/gear lever wear levels, and check it against the mileage on the bike and the paperwork.

    The clocks have a habit of resetting the mileage and not everyone is honest enough to tell you they have been reset.

    As a rule of thumb for me, i always try to find the best unmolested example of a particular model, and then add and molest it to suit my needs, knowing that i had a good starting point to begin with. It also help with testing something to see if it helps or not.

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