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Thread: 03 Vrs 02 (Gears)

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    03 Vrs 02 (Gears)

    Hi Guys,

    I've got used to my 02 with 16 tooth front sprocket.

    I took out an Edwards today 03 and I noticed two things.

    1) The gearing seems different (it may be the bike has altered front a rear sprockets) as my 02 does 85 mph at 5000 revs but the 03 was doing 78 at 5000.

    So the question is was it the sprockets or was the 03 a different gearing as I head something re close ratio box on the 03 edwards.

    2) Also noticed the power hole between 5-6000 revs on the 02 (single Ti exhaust) is gone which I assume is because the 03 Edwards has twin ackros on.

    I must say the Edwards is a fricking scream!!!!


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    Standard gearing for both bikes is 17/42, though the Edwards came with a spare 16 tooth front spocket in the "toolkit". If your bike in top gear is showing 85 mph at 5000 revs and the Edwards only 78 at the same revs, then the gearing is higher on the Edwards maybe due it running 16/44 sprockets? The gear ratios are different between the 2 models but only 1st,2nd and 3rd being a closer ratio on the Edwards.

    Yes, the power hole is gone due to the twin Akra set up

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    I thought the 57mm throttle bodies plugged the hole too?

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    Take a look here mate:

    Hope it helps.

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    Thanks yes it's a 44 rear i checked. It has a 16 on front too.

    I'm not too sure I like the 44 cos I had a 16/42 and liked the tallness of the gears and with the twins stomp it was no problem to blast out of corners.

    I keep changing up with the 44 mind you it's like warp speed when you give it welly.



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