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Thread: Full twin Arrow Exhaust System

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    Mick Oliver

    Full twin Arrow Exhaust System

    Has anyone got any photos of the left side of an Edwards or Haga rep I would like to see how the fairing goes aound the exhaust.
    I have trimmed my fairing to go round the exhaust but would like to see how it should be.
    The noise with full twins is great and the grunt is gooood

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    You are not kidding re grunt and twin exhausts.

    I have an 02 with single TI exhaust, trick airbox and chip and power Commander, custom map. Despite all this, the hole in the power/torque curve was well noticeable. I kept changing gear to keep the revs out of the power hole (4,500-5,500 revs).

    With the Edwards, the most noticeable thing is the lack of power hole.

    Some people have said to me in the past that I would not notice this on the road (single to twin zorst) but I tell you you can! big time.

    I'll upload a piccie of lhs Edwards in my album where you may see what you want.




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    Mick Oliver
    Could not believe the difference but logic tells you over 60 down to single outlet has got to hold you back
    But 54 out at the end makes all the difference

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