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Thread: high tickover

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    high tickover

    had a quick blast out this mornin as sun was out, bike started ok but after stopping for fuel tickover went up to 2500 -3000rpm just started it up again now at 2000rpm had this problem when bought bike earlier this year but was fixed under warrenty dealer said it was a stuck flapper valve does this sound like same problem again any ideas? thanks

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    if i remember right

    alot of people unplug the flapper at front for a smoother intake
    saw this on my mates factory once

    but someone in more know about this wil reply soon

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    cheers ,ive just been giving it a wash and started it up to put away and revs back to normal again have to see what hapens next time.

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    dude im pretty poisitive that your issue is where the alarm is connected.... make sure you disarm the alarm before you turn the ignition on..this should stop the issue!!

    p.s im sure ive met you before ....have i ?? i recognise your bike im sure...same issue as before?? p.s im not mental i promise hehe!!

    if this is the case your alarm is wired in the wrong part of the loom ...common issue!!

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    hi mate no your not losing it ,i came down october time you reset mapping and set up suspension and we talked about the alarm issue (fxxxxxx alarm when i get time its comin off and goin in bin ! } to be fair its the first time revs have bin like this for a while as ive been disarming alarm like you said which i m sure i did today ,must have been a one off ,

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    phew i thought i wasnt goin mental!!!

    good to hear from ya mate!!

    if you need a hand whippin that alarm off let me know , it wont take long for sure!!!

    keep it sleazy mate!!

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    have you got any of that nice carbon sorted yet i will be after a carbon front fender in new year .

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    yeah man!!

    you need to have a look in zeds box of delights!!

    weve got a display cabinet full of these delights mate...let me know whenever your ready buddy and i'll get the best quality carbon in the universe sent over to ya!!

    perhaps pop over for a brew

    see you soon mate!


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    will do speak to you in the : new year have a gud one,...........

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    take it easy dude!!

    see you in the new year hombre!!


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    'best quality carbon in the universe'
    believe that. Zoe is very fussy about what goes in her box lol

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