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Thread: Loads O money

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    Unhappy Loads O money

    As riding is now just about out of the question due to the state of the roads, gonna do a few bits before spring.

    Mines an 03 model RSV-R

    Need new tyres, front discs and pads, when I got the bike I fitted a 16 tooth front sprocket. I read on here that I should up the rear from a 42 to 44 tooth rear sprocket. What are the advantages of this and will my 108 link chain still fit

    Also got a new YTX14-BS battery on the way and a new Yamaha solenoid from Wemoto, that should sort the starting problems. Cheers for the info guys

    Also want to get the airbox conversion kit

    Blimey this lots gonna set me back about 800.00

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    I'm running a 16-tooth front and just fitted a 44 rear - made it a bit more spritely. Chain half worn when fitted but still plenty of slack.

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    As 303 said changing the rear sprocket will liven up the bike, if I can be of asistance with any of the parts let me know.

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    Iv'e got a Pc3 and carbon swing arm protectors to fit before the start of the silly season, can't wait to try the Pc3 out in anger.

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    I must be the only guy who does not get on with the 16/44 sprockets.

    I've tried 17/42 (stock), 16/42, 16/44 and prefer by far the 16/42 for road. With the 16/44 I was always changing up the gears.

    Just a personal thing but the 16/44 reminded me a little of an Jap IL4.



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    carbon kid
    16/44 is the best compromise for your 03, a std chain will fit... just... and gives you a nice short wheelbase!!.The gearing will mean a top speed of about 165
    cheers Ck

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