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Thread: rear engine bolts

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    rear engine bolts

    can somebody please help,ive bought a set of crash bungs for my(07)rsvr had a go at removing rear engine bolts only to find the inside nut is just turning,ive tried always to get a spanner or socket on the nut but theres no room,do you have to remove the exhaust to get to these nuts or is there an easier way,

    any help would be appreciated, cheers lads

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    I did the reverse. Took off crash bungs and put new bolts in. Its a tight squeeze but can't remember there being a major problem getting at the nuts though?


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    You can do it mate no problems. I even used a standard spanner to do it- keep at it mate, its just tricky.

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    thanks for the advice lads.

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    I took the little plate off the exhaust to give a little more room, and so I didn't cut myself as it's bastard sharp Watch out for the little toothed washers, I never did find mine...

    I don't remember it being difficult, except I had to borrow a 15mm spanner to get the Aprilia bolts out. Fitting the bung bolt was easy, I had to threaten the bolt with a rubber faced persuader, but once it was in twiddling the nut on was easy...
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    thanks for the advice mate.i will give it another go

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