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Thread: Seat cowl

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    Seat cowl

    Anybody Know of a replacement part. I really like my bikes apperance, but hate the top of the rear seat pod it all looks to tall and old fashioned. My bike is the 2001/02 Model RSV R. I would love to reduce the pod hight with a stream lined top ? any ideas. I have thought about buying a second pod and cutting down the lid and making a mould ? with the intention of making a new lid in Fibre glass or carbon. OR is there an alternative.

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    will the 03 rsvr model fit?....if it doesn't fit directly i'm sure you could make it fit

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    The 03 model cowl will fit but it looks abit stupid unless you buy the whole 03 seat unit, which you can pick up on ebay for pennies these days.

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    I think pennies is a touch optimistic!

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    carbon kid
    twas the ole motoGP look that seat hump.(00-02) model (i like it ..and had changed to a o3 carbon seat unit and hump, but changed to the single carbon unit)
    as been said fit an 03 seat hump and base plate, its a bit lower and will save yer boots scraping it when you get on.


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    I like this mod aswell but the best rear in the business is the 2004+ models.

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    I have the same issue with my 02 tail. I found catalyst composite racing tails and think that tail is pretty cool looking. You would have to fit lights but it looks more modern as far as tails go..09 tail is super sweet for aprilia...

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    I'd never seen heard of 'catalyst' before but that is a very pretty tail unit.

    Has anyone got any experience of them or know of a UK dealer?

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