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Thread: renegade air box

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    renegade air box

    where are these for sale. Are the for sale on the us market or overseas in england. Also do the powercommanders have a preset map for this airbox as they do for slipon exhausts. thanks guys

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    Dont think Rene kit are for sale anymore. But why not buy one of the lovely "Hooked" ones for sale here?

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    buy a hooked box...basically an updated ,better quality version of the renegade kit....hooked designed and built these purely because the renegades are no longer made.....its a no brainer really

    and they look the nuts in carbon...and the noise is addictive

    see the forsale section for the thread and order wont regret it

    pretty sure the dynojet website has a map for a slip on can and an open airbox

    couple this with a 16 tooth front sprocket and a modified collector and you'll be well away
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    thanks fellas, much appreciated....

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