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Thread: Almost new RSV owner

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    Almost new RSV owner

    Hello to all!

    To get to the point I am looking at purchasing an RSV. Currently got a tatty old ZZR 600. just about finished paying for it so time to shop for something new.

    I fancied one of the early new shape ones but after a sit on an '04 model at DK I thought I was done for because that was one uncomfy motorcycle! After that I more or less decided I was gonna get a 954 'blade.

    I popped in to a local Ape dealer to have another try, see if I couldn't get a bit happier with the riding position. As i walked in there is a red 954 on an '02 with 11K on the clock up for 3495. I thought this cud be a sign. Then at the back of the shop I saw an early model RSV. The dealer got it out for me and after swinging a leg over it I was very impressed. A little more chat revealed its on an '03 plate with just 4k under its belt and also at 3495.

    So two nice to decide...mmm...of course, a test ride of the two! trouble is the whole country is covered in bloody snow! At least its given me time to think.

    Truth is I'm already pretty sold on the RSV. It looks mint and I've got a twin itch that needs scratching. I think I'd have to hate it to end up buying the blade. still want the test rides tho!

    So on such a low milage bike I can't imagine there will be much up with it but even so is there anything I should be especially looking for. When the dealer turned the ingnition a noise came from somewhere in the belly which he said was the fuel pump, is that normal to here the fuel pump come on?

    Any help in joining your ranks would be well appreciated.

    Thanks, Richie

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    Evenin Pal welcome to the Zone The Ape your looking at sounds a bit pricey, this one was a bargain. Shop around there's some cheap bikes out there

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    Its been down the road m8! and it shows.

    I know the one i'm lookin at is top of the price range but it is a 4 thousand mile minter, and there may yet be some room for maneuver there. Any idea about hearing the fuel pump coming on line??

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    fuel pump prime noise is normal if it doesnt do it worry . if you are getting warranty and are happy with bike price and so on go for it

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    Yes mate, hearing the fuel pump prime is good! Good luck with your purchase and negotiate for the dealer to give you an Optimate as part of the deal as a good battery is key to reliability.

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    Quote Originally Posted by acesrichie View Post
    Its been down the road m8! and it shows.

    I know the one i'm lookin at is top of the price range but it is a 4 thousand mile minter, and there may yet be some room for maneuver there. Any idea about hearing the fuel pump coming on line??
    Yeah I know its been down the road but I was just trying to show there are some bargains around If your happy witht the bike you've seen go for it buddy you won't regret buying a RSV the noise it makes is addictive

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    RSV every time mate...very addictive riding and sounds fcuking awesome, which just adds to the joy of owning one

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    I'm with sprocker mate. I've had loads of jap fours and Brit triples but nothing compares to the twin. I love it and I'm on my second one now. I defected to an R1 between rsv's but end up coming back as i just miss the passion of an Italian bike, the handling, the noise, the grunt, I could go on.

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    thanks for the fast reponses guys, good call on the battery optimiser!

    as soon as there is a bit more snow out the way i'll be on the RSV, hopefully.

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    get the early rsv though id haggle on the price

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    yep, most people on here have come from jap fours i would think but there is something about these bikes. you'll definitely get to know alot about them on here too. blade's are boring compared to these. u won't regret it dude. go for it. so much bike for the money even at that price.

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    Go for it mate. Just over two weeks ago I picked up rsvr on 03 plate with 3,731 miles on the clock an it also came with exhaust and chip, rear sets an all the original spares. I paid 3,700 haven't even ridden the bike yet an already I don't regret leaving my IL4 jap bike. The only thing that can go on these bikes is the starter relay (as mine needed one) and the battery, but you can buy better parts than standard an it won't go again. Good luck with the purchase mate an by the way welcome to the zone

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