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Thread: Idle Speed Adjuster

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    Idle Speed Adjuster

    Guys, can anyone point me in the direction of the engine idle speed adjuster on my '04' Mille R ?

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    carbon kid
    I dont think there is one matey

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    The reason I'm asking is I have just put some MiVV exhausts on it and removed the baffles. It just seems like the tick over is lower than when the originals were on it. Don't get me wrong, it's not stalling and sounds great. The guy I bought it off had some after market cans and I am wondering if he had the ECU changed to MAP2 because it is ticking over lovely.

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    Just read another thread on the forum and it said that the idle speed is controlled by the ECU. If the baffles are out of the exhausts, will this drop the tick over revs ?

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    carbon kid
    I dont think so matey, as long as the revs pick up cleanley you should be fine

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    You will need the ECU switching to MAP2 and you will need to get the throttle bodies set up correctly to cater for your new cans otherwise you may get low speed running and stalling problems. Also there are later and better fuel maps available from aprilia. As your not too far from Griff at Aprilia Performance, i would suggest a trip to see him

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    Felt a bit of a knob today. I started the bike up again yesterday to check the revs at tick over. It was ticking over at about 1250 rpm. The book says it should be ticking over at 1250+/- 100 rpm. This is the blonde moment...... when I first looked at it, I thought it was ticking over at just under 500rpm. After taking another look I realised it was between the 1 and 2 on the rev counter. DOHH!!!! Ticking over as it should be and sounds awesome with the new cans on. Revs are picking up nicely, but will still visit Griff to make sure I'm on MAP2. Will post some piccies of the exhausts when my hangers arrive today.

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