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Thread: Front Sprocket change amd some mods

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    Smile Front Sprocket change amd some mods

    After good read on this sight last night I thought I would spend the arvo in the shed. Changed the front sprocket to a 16 tooth (17 teeth was standard fit here in Oz). Took it for a lap of the block and it is sweet, more punch in one ,two and three . Power wheelies in one and two so happy with that. I then got a mate to break out the soldering iron and the heat shrink and did the brown connector mod. I also got rid of the white plug that goes to the voltage regulator so should be safe there. Next on the list was the left hand switch gear which I swapped for an early model pod with the indicator in the right position (no more rendom horn beeps). Finally because I had the clutch slave cylinder out to chnage the sprocket I bled the clutch. I want to say thanks heaps to all the people who post great info on this sight I got all the ideas straight from this sight and the laptop was my guide through the whole service. Bike is spot on so once again thanks lads.

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    surprising what difference that 1 tooth does

    makes the bike completely different

    any more mods planned as it does get addictive

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    donr forget to tension the throttle cable tension correctly mate....awesome adjustment that really makes the bike feel too!!! bonus!!

    suspension adjustments next

    ive got a bit of a guide to setting your bike up for free if you want it dude just PM me an email addy and ill send it down the line to ya!!

    nice one!!


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