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Thread: starter relay ?

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    starter relay ?

    hey guys i remember someone talking about a yamaha relay is a must replacement on the rsv as the aprilia ones seem to struggle when starting !!!

    even with a fully charged battery my 2000rsv turns over slow and i always think it wont start ?

    does anyone know the part number for the relay at a yamaha dealer and have a picture of were the relay is ?


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    4KD81940-00 about 30 from Yamaha. Griff at Aprilia performance has genuine uprated Aprilia ones. It's located behind the battery with 2 large cables attched and held in place with a rubber shroud. all are straight plug and play

    I would check the state of your battery too. Optimate?

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    If i recall right the Aprilia upgraded one is made in J - maybe even from the same production line as Yamaha

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